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Wenn es zwickt und zwackt, schmerzt und zieht.
Bei uns bekommen Sie jederzeit das, was am
besten hilft. Schnell und verlässlich, seit 1890.


Mit 130 Jahren Erfahrung ist Leopold’s Spezialkräuter
Ihr Experte, wenn es um Kräuterheilkunde geht.

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Blume: Blütenblatt 01Blume: Blütenblatt 02Blume: Blütenblatt 03Blume: NameBlume: Basis

Personalised consultation

We work together by listening then finding holistic solutions that help you to become and stay well. This ethos of listening then providing for our customers is at the heart of Apotheke zur Triumphpforte, from the short queries to the detailed consultations. Your needs shape our service.

Magistral customised preparation

Drawing upon our expertise in custom-made pharmaceuticals, we offer you access to tailor-made prescription-grade products. Based upon your doctor’s prescription, we’re able to quickly prepare effective formulations - from eye drops and capsules to ointments and suppositories - in our pharmacy laboratory. Our years of extensive training in producing effective pharmaceuticals means our products are always customised to your needs and tolerance.

Traditional herbal medicine and phytotherapy

When cultivated with know-how and dedication, the healing power of herbal medicine can help you to feel well and healthy. The field of herbal medicine is not only our speciality, but also our passion. Upon your request, we will create a coordinated blend from a choice of over 300 herbs for what it is your wish to treat.

Your personal service card

Offering convenience with bonuses and benefits, come and collect your free service card during your next visit to Apotheke zur Triumphpforte. Our customer card allows you to not only store all of your prescriptions and purchases in one place, but to also receive an annual bonus. As with everything we do, your privacy is important to us, therefore, your data will be treated confidentially and never passed on to third parties.

Annual financial bonus based on your yearly purchases

Individualised care through the retrieval of previous purchases and prescriptions

Preparation of an annual collective invoice for tax office and private insurance

Checking your personal medications for possible interactions

Storage of insurance data with insurance number and possible fee exemption

Illustration: Mörser

Stroll through the city elegant and "pumperlgsund" with our sustainable jute tote bag.

We believe that when it comes to health, time is of the essence

Thanks to our direct link with a pharmaceutical wholesaler, you’ll not only receive your medication from Apotheke zur Triumphpforte reliably, but we’ll get it to you faster than anywhere else in Innsbruck. With one visit you’ll get everything you need, so you can say goodbye to those inconvenient pharmacy detours!

Leopold’s treasures

Discover the healing world of special herbs and personalised advice with our unique herbal blends, freshly squeezed juices and lovingly selected gift ideas.

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